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The Revere Choker

The Revere Choker


Inspired by the quaint houses of Upper Bucks County, PA, this choker is fresh and adaptable.  Layer it with other necklaces or let it stand alone!  The pendant is made from reclaimed copper and hangs on a waxed, cotton cord.  Copper found in Wooster, OH.


    This necklace is made out of reclaimed copper and hangs on waxed, cotton cord.  Copper is a metal that is very prone to tarnishing, therefore I do not recommend getting this necklace wet.  Try to avoid wearing it in the shower or during your workout – those activities will quicken the tarnishing process.  I highly recommend getting a metal polish and protectant such as Brasso, Noxon 7, Malco Twinkle, etc. They are inexpensive, very handy (as they polish metals besides copper), and not only clean but also protect your metal from further tarnishing.

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