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Meet Devin

owner & designer of ifé jewelry


I've always been interested in found and undervalued things.  Not only does this come from my desire to lead a less wasteful life, but it comes from my excitement to breath new life into old, used things.  When I started ifé jewelry, it was a way to keep my hands and my brain moving.  Quickly it turned into a way for me to show people that you can find value and beauty in used things - it just takes time, care, and an appreciation for the material.

Every piece you see on this website comes from a piece of copper that used to be a printmaking plate, a piece of steel found in a junkyard, a piece of wire from an old motor, or a leftover scrap of wood from a previous project.  Every necklace, bracelet, and earring have a full history and served a completely different purpose - and now they get to rest on your body with a whole new value and purpose. 

Thank you so much for being part of the cycle!

Why do we support the National Black Food & Justice Alliance?

As the creator of ifé jewelry, I (Devin), have wrestled with how this business can contribute to Black liberation.  I'd been thinking a lot about reparations and how liberation connects to land.  After some research, I found the National Black Food & Justice Alliance (NBFJA) and resonated with this statement on their website: 
"Displacement pre- and post-colonialism continues to deracinate our ability to take root, reclaim, liberate exploited land and call it home. Our connection to, relationship with and access to land is an essential source of our healing, power and ultimately our liberation."
This by no means is where the work ends, but as a one-woman operation, this seems to be an appropriate way for ifé to contribute.  20% of all sales will go directly to NBFJA and donations will be made monthly.  The only time this will not occur is when we have our annual MLK day flash fundraiser where 100% of sales over a 24-hour period benefit a charity of my choice.
If you are interested in learning more and contributing to Black liberation and reparations, consider the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust, Black Land & Power's Reparations Summer project, and of course NBFJA!
Reach out anytime to chat or collaborate.  I'm open to any and every opportunity and love using this avenue as a way to support others.
With love,
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