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Reused Package Stickers (pack of 5)

Reused Package Stickers (pack of 5)


**stickers ship for free! please enter code "CHOOSETOREUSE" at checkout. this code is only fit for use on stickers orders!**


Something that I'm super passionate about is reducing my plastic waste as much as possible.  When I ship jewelry to you, I often am reusing packaging that I collect.  People often ask me why I don't just buy sustainable packaging and it is for 2 reasons: 


1. I like to keep shipping costs as low as possible for you.  I can ship jewelry in a padded mailer for often, as low as $3.75.  If I purchase quality packaging, that number is going to have to go up!


2. There is plenty of quality packaging that is being thrown into the trash after 1 use!  Let's give it a few more runs, so that we don't create more single-use plastic.


But, I also understand that unfortunately, looks matter when it comes to branding :( . SO I made with these stickers! Pretty stickers to put on ugly, used packaging.  I've made these available for purchase in case there are any like minded folks out there looking to reuse too!


You can order 5 stickers for $10.  If you'd like to buy a huge amount, let me know and I will put in the order and offer you a little discount ;)


Stickers are made through the company Greenerprinter.  The stickers are made from 30% PCW and are 100% biodegradeable with soy based inks and carbon offsetting. Learn more (or make your own!) at

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